Sunday and Monday  

Hello! Sunday I enjoyed church,  despite my boys literally punching each other on the way back to our seats after communion! The irony! I really am very tired and I am being a bit less patient than usual.

and then we went to Chris and Di’s for lunch. We told them about Jojo enrolling for school, and looked at Di’s photos from their recent trip to New York  . Also Di showed us her paintings- she’s doing a painting course as well as Italian and a few occasional day things.i thought they were quite good. 
Then I went to bed I expect. I’m watching this Swedish noir  called “Thicker than water”. It’s good.

This morning Fred and I were praying for a miracle to get him into a safe, appropriate school. After all, we got Jojo what I thought was an impossible dream,  didn’t we!

 I went to town with Fred to get his 2nd hand  “Wii U” games console with his birthday money. On the way back i met my lovely Samantha for a cuppa. She encouraged me by saying how much more stuff than usual I have actually accomplished in recent weeks. That’s nice! And I know everything seems so much worse than usual as soon as I take my eyes off the prize!!

I have tried to get the kids helping me in the house as everywhere looks like a jumble sale in a rough part of town!

Lola has done some in the kitchen and Ruby helped me clear a path around my bed! Baby steps!


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