The Mix

Absolutely exhausted I got a taxi to KFC so the 3 kids could eat before the Mix. I chatted with some teenage girls, there’s 30 mins free time at the beginning. I’m impatient as my own kids do not mix during this part. But I must be patient!

We watched a video of a little girl preaching and praying in Tongues.  They wanted to encourage the kids to pray in tongues during the coming summer break. Then we played some games while anyone who wanted to begin praying in Tongues could go off to one side for prayer. The Cannings work hard to make it a Safe Space where teens need not feel afraid to say anything they feel, and it’s lovely to be in a group of kids who are not always looking for ways to humiliate each other!

We played some silly games and then prayed. Jonny D turned up with a card and present for Fred from Simonne, and Joy gave him a card.

It was so light at 9:30pm, we walked home. It was really nice, just the coolness of the evening. And we have this spar/subway/greggs/starbucks garage now halfway home, so we got a little snack for the road.

Thanks God for providing us this troupe of friendly, positive teens!


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