This handsome chap is enrolled at CFS! He did cat tests and then completed a school day. He came out very high performing in both verbal and spatial categories.  He isn’t even behind in anything except maths and French.  *mum takes a bow * !!

He has been given maths and French books and needs to do an hour of each per day between now and September. 

He really enjoyed being among the class he’ll join- 10 boys, of whom he knows at least 4. He said they act younger and nicer and smarter than his peers from Speke/Halewood.  Also the teachers don’t shout. 

I had lovely talks with the head and the head of upper school. They are into finding out what the kids is really passionate about and encouraging them in that direction. 

Then visit to the dreaded bursar….! And we’re in! I’m absolutely thrilled. 


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